Welcome to Little Conquest

I’m Karla!

I’m an average gal in her 20’s, married to the most wonderful man, proud momma to baby boy CJ, and expecting #2!

Welcome to our catalog of milestones accomplished and the mistakes from which great learning opportunities surface and all the other awesome things in life!

Fun facts:

*I love creative work and researching. Ok, so it doesn’t sound very fun and I know what you’re thinking, researching?”. Yes! Researching. Before I became a SAHM, I did it for a living. When I found out I was pregnant, my research topic cloud became BABY.

*I love writing, and I know how much you can learn from other’s personal experiences, which is why I started this blog! Whether new or seasoned, you can never stop learning from kids and the new exciting self-changes that come with being a mother.

Hope you enjoy the experiences depicted from our new little conquest that is parenthood!