31 Halloween-Worthy Movies To Watch

Halloween season has begun!

What a better way to start this spooky season than to relax and watch some Halloween-worthy movies for both young and horror buffs.

A couple of years ago, I gave you 40 Horror Movies to Watch in October and this year you’re getting 31! That’s right! I’m giving you fewer titles to choose from, but that’s to give you time to watch at least 1 per day. Plus, if you’re subscribed to my newsletter, you’ll also be getting some Halloween worthy series! If you’re not already subscribed, you can do so below! (make sure to look out for the confirmation email, so we’re sure to send cool stuff to the right email address!)

Also, this year’s list includes many more streaming options! These include titles from Hulu, Prime, Netflix, YouTube, and Disney+, because you might need something mild for the chilrens, you know. And you can always check out last year’s list, although it’s not guaranteed that the titles are currently available on that streaming service you can always try to hunt them down.

Anyway, let’s get started, you know I like to keep it short, sweet, and to the point!

We’ll start with the not so scary Halloween-worthy must watch from Disney and towards the end, I will throw in some titles for rent that are worth the money!

  1. The Nun
  2. The Last Exorcism
  3. You Should Have Left

Not sure about wanting to rent a movie? I want to share a secret with you! 

I haven’t paid for a YouTube rental for a long time. How?”, you ask. Well, you can install a survey app by google called Google Opinion Rewards that pays for every survey you complete. These are not 5-minute surveys, they literally take less than a minute and they add up! It credits your Google account, aka your movie rental stash and you never will have to pay for movie rentals again (unless you run out of credit and really want to watch one, hahaha).

Anyway, hope you have a great time going through this list while celebrating this spooky season, and if you go through it faster than one a day, check out the other 40 movie titles that might pique your interest!

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Have you seen any of these scary movies already? Are you excited to get watchin’ a certain movie? Let me know in the comments below! Aaand remember to share with everyone you know!

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  1. Apocalypse Daddy
    Apocalypse Daddy says:

    Cracking thanks! I love Halloween for the movies and creative fun with our kids. I’m always looking for new horror recommendations and I’m not sure I’ve seen any of those Netflix films so will add them to my list


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