My Second 6 Months as a First Time Mom

My First 6 Months as a First Time Mom flew by and the months that followed were no exception.

Breast Pumping

For the most part of this previous year, I had a breast pumping routine that worked well for me. I would pump 3 times a day; when I first woke up, 7-9 hours later, & before bed. Sometimes it wasn’t convenient, especially when we were away from home, but we always made it work. Now that baby CJ is 12 months and eating regular “meals”, he doesn’t need or drink as much breastmilk. I am working towards weaning off completely from pumping. From what I’ve researched, it has to be done gradually to not cause pain and discomfort. Every other day, I skip the middle pumping which leads to pumping when I wake up and at bedtime instead of the every 8-hour average. I aim to be done with pumping altogether by the time baby CJ is 14 months.

Tip: Switching to regular birth control also helps reduce milk production!

Baby Milestones

Seeing your baby developing mentally is truly fascinating. Baby CJ learns so fast, he’s such an advanced little sponge. Baby CJ started walking without help at 11 months! This was one of the proudest moments of our lives! At the same time, I couldn’t and still can’t believe how fast my baby is growing. I think every parent wishes their babies would stay babies forever *cries uncontrollably*. With that being said, we’re so proud of how much his mind can grasp and how fast he’s developing.

Baby CJ has had only 2 teeth since he was about 8 months. This limits the types of food textures he can eat. Sometimes he can mash most things, but other times he tries to swallow food whole. This really scares me. At times I think he just can’t mash it enough but then at times, it seems like he’s just being lazy or maybe he tried mashing it for a bit and got tired and decided to try and swallow. Whatever it might be, I think we all (including baby CJ) just want him to get more teeth so he can enjoy food without the risk of choking! Other than that, he truly surprises us every day!


I’ve realized how easy the First 6 months as a First Time Mom were compared to the past 6 months. It’s not more difficult, but it does take more out of me physically because as baby CJ starts walking around, a closer eye needs to be on him. He wants to play with everything he’s not supposed to and that’s when he has to be redirected to a different part of the room. I feel like I’m repeating myself but, it’s great seeing your baby develop right before your eyes; seeing them learn the things we consider ‘basic’ is truly amazing. Everything they are learning and doing, they are experiencing for the very first time and at times it might be overwhelming for them and that’s when you have to be most patient. We’ve both learned so much from each other, I feel like a better person because of baby CJ and I know husband does too!

Motherhood and parenthood, in general, really is the greatest experience. Both husband and I look forward to a life of learning, fun, and adventures with baby CJ!

Check out baby CJ’s First & Second 6 Months of Fun and Milestones!

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2 replies
  1. Trisha Burkhardt
    Trisha Burkhardt says:

    I love this age because everything is a first for them it’s amazing to watch them and you’re right they’re little sponges they absorb everything that goes on more and more words more actions, it is so much fun. I’m so glad that you guys are enjoying. You 2 are great parents. CJ is blessed.

  2. Nicolle
    Nicolle says:

    It definitely gets more exhausting the more independent they get! There will be moments when you grab one of his smaller shirts and wonder where the time went, but I think you will love watching how his mind develops. It is truly fascinating.


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