First Time Flying with an Infant Packing List

Flying with an infant for the first time ever can be a little overwhelming and you definitely don’t want to forget anything important!

Here’s a complete list of things we packed for baby CJ’s first flight!

Car Seat

Not only is it convenient on the plane, and unless you plan on staying in the airport or walk everywhere, you will be glad you brought it with you. Most cabs do not provide one. And it is better to be safe than sorry. You do not need to purchase a seat to bring it with you. This can be checked in at the gate at most airlines!


Whether it be your normal stroller or a small cheapie, this too will come handy. Your normal stroller would work best because you have the option to use the storage under the seat (which will seem like the best thing when your hands are full). It’s also great if you plan on walking around places at your destination. This too can be checked in at the gate at most airlines.


Be sure to pack plenty of snacks for the flight. They help babies pop their ears and it keeps them calm and busy.

Extra Outfits

We know babies are prone to accidents or it could be that they are just messy eaters. You want to bring 1-3 extra outfits depending on the number of days you will be away from home.

Electric Bottle Warmer

If you already have it, pack it! You’ll be really glad you did.

Electric Breast Pump

If you’re a pumping momma, this is a no-brainer! Just be sure to bring plenty of bottles.

Box of Wipes

Depending on the length of your trip, you’ll most likely want to bring lots of these. You can never have too many!

Extra Diapers

Depending on how long your trip will be, you want to have extra diapers so you don’t have to run to the store. Unless you have time to spare, this one is not as important. Just be sure to have enough for flight time to and from destination.

Small Blanket

If you are traveling to a cold weather region, this will be needed.

Large Blanket

Aside from the small blanket, it’s also nice to bring a larger blanket to spread in the hotel provided pack and play (or wherever your little angel will be sleeping). They like familiarity, especially when they are not in their own bed.

Bottles & Spoons

If you were anything like us, there wasn’t much time to be at the hotel washing bottles, except at night right before going to sleep. Having extra bottles helped tons and we didn’t have to scramble around while out trying to figure out how to feed baby! Just take any day as an example of how many bottles you would use for the entire day. Bringing plastic baby spoons is also very convenient since restaurants don’t really offer them.

Dish Soap & Bottle Brush

This one might seem obvious, but you might actually forget to pack it if it’s not in your mind right after bottles. Hotels don’t have dish soap unless they have a kitchen and still then, they might not. Better to be prepared with your own soap, you’ll be glad you did!


This is another no-brainer, but to our surprise, we forgot! Poor baby CJ had nothing to play with on the way there. Of course, while we were at our destination, we got him a few for the flight back. Please don’t forget!

Diaper Bag

Packed with the everyday essentials.


If you are packing breastmilk, be prepared to have it as accessible as possible because they will inspect it separately at TSA. When we went through inspection at our departure airport, they didn’t open the bottles. Instead, they put the whole bottle into a machine. On our way back, at our destination airport, they opened the bottles and held a paper strip above the rim of the bottle. Meaning, it was not submerged in the milk. But, that does not mean that some airports won’t have a different way to test the breastmilk, i.e., open the bottle and pour some out.

Birth Certificate

Depending on how old your baby is, your airline might ask for it. It’s better to have it and not use it rather than having to miss your flight.


If you are traveling to another country, you will need this. We haven’t yet, but when we are ready to, we’ll be sure to go through the process with plenty of time to spare.  

Download PDF – First Time Flying with an Infant Packing Checklist

For more security inspection details visit TSA website.

Also, check out First Time Flying with an Infant to get the scoop on our recent experience!

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