My Second Pregnancy Experience – Part 2

Wooh! You guys, we made it!

So, by now you may or may not know that baby #2 is here! We are super happy to have him in our arms, finally. Baby CJ seems to be excited too, still a bit curious as to who this new little person is, but I’m sure he’s just happy to have someone (almost) his size.


In My Second Pregnancy Experience Part 1, I talked about the difference between my two pregnancies in the first half and they were definitely different from the beginning.

The most pronounced differences in the second halves were:

Baby CJ (first pregnancy) Current Pregnancy
Sleeping Troubles – Frequent urination Extra uncomfortable sore left side sleeping, insomnia and painful leg cramps
Dr Visits – Every 2-3 weeks w/ultrasound; Every week after 34 weeks Every 4 weeks (only 3 ultrasounds since start); Every week after 35 weeks
No real, noticeable discomfort Major side pain on both sides of the body
Naps were rare Naps were often
Final weight before delivery ~ 160lbs Final weight before delivery ~ 170lbs
No Braxton Hicks Braxton Hicks throughout 3rd trimester

Glucose Test

A routine test that pregnant women get between 26 and 28 weeks, is the glucose tolerance test. This is done because some women develop gestational diabetes while pregnant and have to make dietary changes in order to keep it under control.

When I did the 1-hour test, I failed! With baby CJ I passed with flying colors. Anyway. Once you fail the 1-hour test, you have to further test with a 3-hour test. It is actually common to fail the 1-hour test, but the 3-hour test is used to confirm it for sure. This one I passed. Not only is gestational diabetes a call for dietary change, but it puts the baby at risk which is why it is important to get it confirmed.

Baby Shower

We opted for not having a baby shower this time as we were in a new place with little known people and even though it would have been fun to have it with those few, this pregnancy has taken out a lot of my energy as I’ve had ailments I did not have with my first pregnancy. But, because a few friends and family asked about it, I did create a registry for those that wanted to gift to the new baby. My sister called it a ‘virtual baby shower’, haha.

Although this second pregnancy was much more painful overall, it was totally worth it! We got an adorable healthy baby out of it and we couldn’t be happier!

Stay tuned for My Second Birthing Experience coming soon!

Have you had more than one pregnancy? If so, how similar or different were they?

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  1. Margaret Westhoff
    Margaret Westhoff says:

    Congrats on the birth of your son! I’m sure you are relieved to be done with pregnancy and to have him in your arms. The major difference between my 2 pregnancies was that I was diagnosed with gestational diabetes in my 2nd pregnancy.You are lucky you didn’t have it.

  2. livebythesunshine
    livebythesunshine says:

    Congrats! Also, as coming from someone who is only a cat mom to the point, little scary thinking of how vastly different 2 pregnancies can be even within the same person!

  3. Jordyn
    Jordyn says:

    As someone who hasn’t had any little ones yet, I love soaking up as much as I can. I know I am never going to be truly prepared but the illusion is nice;) Thanks for sharing!

  4. diaryofaforgiven
    diaryofaforgiven says:

    Congratulations on your new little boy! I’ve had two beautiful little girls, and as far as I can remember both pregnancies were pretty much the same. Tired, hungry, miserable, but overall they both went really well. Good luck having two little ones running around!

  5. Martha Perry
    Martha Perry says:

    Congratulations on your new addition to the family. I had 4 pregnacies and I can tell you they all were totally different. I can tell you some good stories on each one but I want. This is a great post. Thank you for sharing.


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