Valentine’s Day Outfit Right Out Of Your Closet!

Being a mom means you’re always buying things for your little one(s) because little clothes and little/mini anything is just too freaking cute to pass up!

And, if you’re anything like me, you sometimes forget about splurging every now and then on yourself or feel guilty about spending money on pretty things that aren’t for your babies.

But, fear not! Gearing up for Valentine’s Day does not mean you have to break the bank!

Here’s the gist; Fashion on a budget is actually really fun! You’ll be surprised at the awesome stuff you can find dirt cheap if you pay attention! You may be asking yourself, how?

Here are 3 basic points that I rely on:

  • Reuse and re-invent clothing items that are already in your closet. In what way? For example, combining a fancy shirt with jeans or simply pairing a fancy necklace with a t-shirt.
  • Accessories can change an outfit instantly. This can happen as easy as switching from a tote to a crossbody purse to make an outfit feel more casual.
  • Shop for items on sale that compliment what you already have. When I go shopping anywhere, my first stop is the women’s clothing clearance section and I go through all the racks! Half the time my decision to buy is on whether I can make it work with something I already have. The other half is whether or not the price is right. I’ve purchased clothing for as low as $0.50 and shoes for as low as $2!

It doesn’t always work out when looking through the clearance section, but it doesn’t hurt to try!

Anyway, without further adieu, here are some outfits I put together right out of my closet (and then some).

*ignore the awkward stances*

I hope this inspires you to go through your wardrobe and have fun putting together a combination you haven’t tried before for this Valentine’s day or your next date!

*Don’t forget that clearance and sales can be your best friends!

For date-night ideas check out 14 Things to do on Valentine’s Day!

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