Phoenix, AZ: Arizona State Fair

October is not only the time where pumpkin spice everything is in full throttle, but it is also the perfect time to go to the AZ State Fair.

The Arizona State Fair is one of the things a lot of people look forward to and how can you blame them; AZ State Fair is perfect for the whole family, it not only houses rides, games, and food vendors, but an entrance ticket also includes general admission to concerts! It will be open until October 30th and it is open Wednesday thru Sunday, though the hours vary depending on the day. For more info go to AZ State Fair website.

For me, the best thing at the fair was the diaper changing station they had set up near the entrance/exit, which was very convenient! It’s free and there is more than one available for use. The one thing I think most people would agree on sucks most about the fair is the parking situation. The closer you want to park the more expensive it is. Nonetheless, overall, the fair experience is almost a must during fall season.

We had lots of fun and baby CJ enjoyed seeing all the lighting on the rides!

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