Halloween Decor Ideas

Who doesn’t love Halloween? If you don’t, what even?!? Haha.

But seriously.

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Halloween is my favorite holiday because I love everything about it! I love dressing up, getting candy, giving candy, and of course, decorating before October even starts!

I’ve never really gotten to decorate how I want (aka going all out) because when we bought our house we already had our firstborn, so we’ve been having to keep it PG and *probably* will for many years to come.

However, I like to live vicariously through haunted attractions and a few people in our neighborhood as well as in the interwebs. I love seeing scary displays and all the gory things available for people to showcase in their front yards.

And even though we can’t deck the lawn with blood and gore, I live to window shop online!

MUAHAHHAAHAHA *laughs in evil* 

So I decided, why not show you what’s out there and maybe you’ll want to display some of it in your home and I too can live Halloween decorating vicariously through you! 😉

I separated my favorite Halloween decor items into 3 categories, because who knows, maybe you’re like me and love everything horror, but have littles who you’re not trying to traumatize or maybe your kids are all grown up and you’re ready to go all out! Whichever you are, there’s something for any stage!

Mild Spooks

Mild Spooks is the kid-friendly version of how I would decorate for Halloween. This includes very mildly scary props such as spider webs, bats, silly skeletons, neutral Halloween related decor such as witch hats, pumpkins, and, etc.

For more Mild Spooks decorations check out Home Depot’s Family Friendly Halloween section, Amazon’s Family Friendly Halloween selection, or Michael’s current deal of Up to 40% Off ALL Halloween Decor and if you’re interested in the DIY route, Michael’s Kids Halloween Crafts By Creatology is 40% off!

Ghastly Creeps

Ghastly Creeps is for the ones who love a good scare but would like to stay within a PG-13 level of gore. These can be anything from decaying zombies, limbs, and bloody wounds. 

For more Ghastly Creeps decorations check out Home Depot’s Halloween Decoration Themes or Amazon’s Spooky Halloween selection.

Extravagant Haunted House

The Extravagant Haunted House is for the Halloween die-hard! This is best suited for those who love everything about Halloween from mild spooks to everything that’s blood and gore and likes to deck the house as, well, a haunted house. This can include anything and everything from spider webs, to a full-size graveyard display!

For more Extravagant Haunted House type of decorations check out Home Depot’s Halloween Decoration Themes where you can also get ideas on how to go all out!

Whether you get trick or treaters or not, having some festive decoration will certainly cheer people up just walking or driving by to see it!

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Did you decorate already or were you waiting for this post? 😉 Which type of Halloween decor calls to you? Let me know in the comments below!

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