We’re Expecting #2!

This was definitely a surprise.

Husband and I knew that we wanted to have 2 kids, but we never actually set on how far apart they would be. I wanted something close such as 2-3 years apart. Husband wanted something more like 4 years. I explained that in my experience, my sister and I are 7 years apart and we never saw eye to eye until she was toward the end of high school age.

Still, we decided to wait and see how it went with baby CJ and try to wait at least until he was potty trained, which was still uncertain when that time would come.

I was on birth control the second the Doctor ok’d to resume… you know. Then, the universe was like, “you do as I say!” Haha.

So how did I find out I was pregnant? (get ready for TMI)

One day I started feeling sick. Like flu-like sick. I had chills, aches, nausea, and vomiting. I really thought it was the flu because I have had the chills for a couple days prior and something was going around. I told my husband that if it was worse the next day, I would go to the Doctor’s. I also mentioned it to a nurse friend about it and she suggested I take a pregnancy test. I didn’t completely disregard the idea, as I was a couple days late, but still, I waited until the morning in case it was too early to tell.

Fun Fact: Your HCG levels are highest in the first urine of the day, which results in more accurate testing.

Surprise– Test was positive!

Being new to the area, I had to do a little research on local OBGYNs. After finding one relatively close with good reviews, I made an appointment. Pregnancy confirmed! At that time I was already 8 weeks.

I started thinking about when I was pregnant with baby CJ and off the bat, these are the differences between my first pregnancy and this one:

Baby CJ (first pregnancy) Current Pregnancy
Pregnancy confirmed – 12 Weeks 8 Weeks
Nausea & vomiting – 13 Weeks 6 Weeks
Showing – 20 Weeks 12 Weeks
Full Achy Breast – Mid 3rd Trimester End of 1st Trimester

One thing that is common between the two pregnancies is my profound hatred for chicken!

We are beyond excited and looking forward to finding out what it will be. We are rooting for a girl, but if it’s a boy, we’ll just be glad to have a second healthy baby in April.

Can’t wait to see what other differences or similarities develop throughout this pregnancy. If you have had more than one pregnancy, were they similar or more like night and day?

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