Valentine’s Day Gift Guide for Kids

Ahh… To remember Valentine’s Day in the classroom…

Do you remember when you were in elementary school and you had those cute little Valentine’s Day cards to give all your classmates? Man, what a simpler time that was!

Now we (mostly) all have kids of our own and they are now creating their own Valentine’s Day memories.

And also, what do you get your own kids for Valentine’s Day? Anything at all? I’m a gift person, so I’m always giving them gifts whenever a holiday allows, hahahahha. (please don’t judge lol)

I created a two-part gift guide that includes things to take your kids’ Valentine’s card giving to the next level, and if you’re a gift person like me, I also included some ideas on what gifts to personally give those little humans, to show them your appreciation.

Classroom Gifts:

Personal Gifts:

Hope you found the perfect gift for the littles and your little! 😀

If you still need gift ideas for your lady, your beau, or your lady friends, check out the following:

Have you found all your Valentine’s Day gifts? Let me know in the comments below!

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