Complete 4th of July Party (Idea)

Summer holidays are the best! Lounging by the pool, BBQing, frozen booze, and water games, are just some of the ways to celebrate summer holidays, and that definitely floats my boat!

Independence Day not only brings the celebration of freedom, but it also happens to be a summer holiday, and it comes with fireworks. Perfect trifecta!

We have personally never held a Fourth of July party, but we have been to some and not mention living vicariously through others’ Instagram and Facebook! Hahaha.

If we were to host a 4th of July party, I think it would look something like this;


I love this DIY Independence wreath from That’s So Pinteresting!. Not only is it cute, but it is super simple to make.

We can’t forget about the centerpieces! Dive Into DIY speaks my language with this adorable Dollar Tree DIY 4th of July Decor!


What’s more American than barbecuing Burgers and Hot Dogs? Well, and wings! Maybe make a buffet out of these and have people construct their own meal.


Source: Cake Boss

These cupcakes are simple, but perfectly match the theme! Cake Boss hit it right on the nail!


Mix That Drink Put together this list and it looks absolutely delicious!

Just because it is a ‘Bar’, it doesn’t mean it can’t be virgin! Dreaming in DIY compiled some great easy to make non-alcoholic drinks that are both fruity and refreshing!


As soon as I saw these quiz cards from The Craft Pixie, I knew it was something I would definitely like to do at a 4th of July party! Unfortunately, these are currently sold out, but it still inspires to make some of your own. And of course, Cornhole is a must have!

Music Playlist

What is a party without music? Nothing, that’s what! Below are some of my favorites!


And of course, no 4th of July is complete without the spectacular firework display (or view of one)! That also means you have to have sparklers for the kiddos!

Has this post inspired you to throw the most awesomest party ever?! As I finish this post, I’m seriously thinking about doing this next year! Haha.

What is your favorite way of celebrating the 4th of July? Got any additional ideas to make this awesome party awesomer? 😉 Leave it in the comments below!

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