Daily Goodie Box

Who doesn’t love free stuff?!

Daily Goodie Box is just that, a box full of goodies. Best part, it’s FREE! There is a catch; You have to give your thoughts about the products received. That’s pretty awesome if you ask me!

My first Daily Goodie Box contained a lot of natural energy products, yummy snacks and a lipgloss!

Pipcorn Mini Popcorn

Smaller, crunchier pieces of popcorn. They taste like regular popcorn with extra crunch.

Miss Jones Organic Cookie Mix

These are amazing! Hubby and I couldn’t stop eating them! Super easy and fast to make.

Wild Foods Nootropic Immune Booster Drink

I tried it with water and coffee and it just wasn’t very good. It has a very bitter taste no matter how much sugar you add.

Alsa Energy Drink Mix

Didn’t notice a difference, and it has an acquired taste (splenda-ish and I did not acquire).

Bhakti Chai Tea

Smells good (herbally) and tastes good.

Element Herbs Skin Food

This is a moisturizer for after shower use. It is oil-like so be prepared to rub until absorbed.

Gertrude Hawk Chocolate & Savant Protein Bar

They are both yummy! The chocolate was melted when I received it, but that could be the AZ weather. I froze it and it was still eatable (I was able to chew through it).

RunGum Performance Gum

I tried the mint and I am not a fan of the taste. It tastes like those cheap white mints that crumble. As far as energy goes, I cannot be certain. I’m one of those people that used to drink 2 red bulls a day just for the taste so maybe my caffeine tolerance is too high.

True Naturals Benecos Lipgloss

At first, the color had me a little worried, but once applied, the color seems more natural.

Coupons & Info Sheets

Can’t wait to see what’s in the next one!

Disclosure: I was not financially compensated for this post. I received a sample for review purposes. The opinions are completely my own based on my experience.

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