5 Favorite Me Time Indulgences

Sometimes I have free time.

So when I have this “free” time, I do “me time”. “Me time” has a slightly different meaning than that of what I know it actually means, at least for most people. For me, it means, some time without a screaming baby or a very repetitive inquisitive toddler. Which also happens to be simultaneous nap time for the two aforementioned.

Ok, so nap time is my “me time”. I also like to call it, “how much stuff can I cram into this hour (or two) that I have all to myself?”

I’m not extravagant or picky. I’m a simple person who is amused by the little and dumb things. So what are my favorite “me time” indulgences?

Cleaning. Told you I’m amused by the dumbest things. I have a hard time cleaning when the kids are awake because while one screams the other one is busy stepping through and spreading what I’m cleaning up or sweeping. Which means it either takes me so much longer than it should (because I have to re-do it umpteen times) or I admit defeat and let it be until I have free time. This is the reason why I have to get creative with cleaning. Also, while I clean I put on some music and that makes it feel less of a chore and quite enjoyable. Plus, having the satisfaction of cleanliness is definitely worth spending my free time doing it!

Blogging. I often debate whether I should clean or blog in my free time, but when cleaning isn’t an urgent matter or if I have a blogging deadline to meet, then I work on my blogging to do list. This one really makes me lose track of time and often doesn’t feel like enough, so I work on promotion related items while I pump! Haha.

DIY Projects. I usually have a list of DIY projects I want to get done and I can often get them done relatively quick, but if I’m documenting it (which I do most of the time), it can take double the time just because I have to pause and get shots along the way. The bigger projects can take weeks to complete simply because it is not a priority of mine or because I feel I can spend my time on more pressing things such as cleaning or blogging.

Netflix Binge. So this one may actually be an indulgence. And it doesn’t happen often. Sure I watch Boss Baby on loop almost the entire time my toddler is awake EVERYDAY (even though he doesn’t watch every minute of it, because it somehow is important that it is on the tv even if he’s not watching or paying attention) but that doesn’t count. Sometimes on the rare occasion that I find a show that husband has no interest in means I get to watch it without him when I have time. Which mostly means while I pump.

*laughs nervously* Haha. If I were reading about someone’s free time being pump time, I’d be so sad because that’s 20, 30 minutes at the most. If this is you too, I feel you girl!

Roam Target. Moms love Target. Even if you don’t normally shop there, you go and ‘window shop’. Sure I take my kids sometimes and then regret it when they get fussy 10 minutes in. The real indulgence is when I get to go by myself (husband works from home so he’ll just let me know when the kids wake up) and I spend 1-2 hours roaming every aisle and checking out all the clearance sections. This one is rare too because of the first two on this list. But some days, fresh air and walking through target brings back my sanity!

So there you have it. “Me time” is important, even if it’s just at pumping time (sometimes their naps do not sync). Sure, some days are better than others but a little breather throughout the day is always nice.

What are YOUR favorite “me time” indulgences? Let me know in the comments, maybe I’ll try something new! 😉 

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24 replies
    NAMRASTAN says:

    Haha, well cleaning isn’t one of them, but I wish it was, cause my place is a mess (and I live alone so I only have myself and a hectic life to blame). I guess my fav 5 me-things would be: Taking a NAP, getting a massage or other spa related stuff, go for a swim or meditate, and making music.

  2. Rachael Berthiaume
    Rachael Berthiaume says:

    I’m not a mom but when I have free time, which I am very lucky to have a good amount of this summer, I also like to do pretty much everything you just listed! I like to work on my blog or swim!

  3. Janeen Robichaud
    Janeen Robichaud says:

    I know with two little ones it’s hard to find time to yourself, but take it while you can. I happen to know that Zach is pretty good with helping with the kids, don’t take that for granted. Your a good mom and you are both doing an amazing job!

  4. lkdugg2
    lkdugg2 says:

    I’m concerned that cleaning is one of them hahah!! I mean only if I’m using Norwex do I enjoy cleaning because it’s so gratifying!! Loved everything on the list!!

  5. mystyle5
    mystyle5 says:

    Love it! Blogging is also on my list of me time indulgences- luckily enough, my husband is really supportive and doesn’t mind me taking some time in the evenings for it

  6. Jane
    Jane says:

    I can relate to almost all of the above. Yes blogging does make me lose track of time and I love Target, and netflix. Great indulgent post!

  7. daniele7383s
    daniele7383s says:

    I love this! I feel so refreshed after I actually spend the alone time to clean. Who doesn’t love to binge watch Netflix? When I go to Starbucks, put my earbuds in, and write for my blog it is the best! Thank you for sharing!

  8. ehdesignmn
    ehdesignmn says:

    You and I have the same opinions on what we consider fun me time activities! It’s amazing what’s considered me time fun after having kids! 😂

  9. Sara | mshealthesteem.com
    Sara | mshealthesteem.com says:

    It’s always nice to indulge in some simple self care activities! I love to binge on Netflix too and typically roam Chapters (I ♡ Books). Which makes my adoration for reading (especially in a hot bath ^^) not too surprising haha.

    The little things have such a big impact on our well-being. It’s important that we remember to make time for them :). Thanks for sharing!

  10. Ms. Health-Esteem
    Ms. Health-Esteem says:

    Indulging in the self-care activities that make us feel awesome is so important. Thanks for sharing yours!

    I love to read in the tub and adore long walks with my hubby. Blogging and writing are other faves. And who can day no to a Netlfix binge?

    Hope you get to treat yourself to some of this goodness today!

  11. Antonia
    Antonia says:

    Oh my goodness, we could be girlfriends – I love each and every one of these as well! And I can relate to Netflix binge-ing on thing other than my kids favorite shows (Storybots, anyone?!)


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