Thanksgiving 2017

Happy Thanksgiving!

Here at our house, we love Thanksgiving! We love being together, but most importantly the fulfilling and painful feeling of having eaten an insane amount of food that we decided to cram into our faces and make it impossible to breathe with our mouths closed.

Yes. This is us in our utmost glory.

We love cooking during this holiday, but sometimes it’s nice to just go to somebody else’s house, eat, and leave. Haha.

However, this year will be different because it is our first Thanksgiving in our new home! We are definitely going to spend the holiday in our home and we’re pretty excited to cook and have family over that we don’t usually see during the holidays. For the past week, my free time has gone to cleaning and arranging furniture slash decor that was still ‘packed’. We already did our grocery shopping as well.

Some of the things we plan to have for our Thanksgiving dinner include turkey, OF COURSE, stuffing, sweet rolls, corn, mash potatoes, gravy, pumpkin pie, cranberry sauce, cherry squares, and pumpkin rolls. Check out this delicious pumpkin roll recipe we tried a couple years ago!

Mash potato tip: Add sour cream AND cream cheese!

We usually cook our turkey in the crockpot. We rub it generously with butter under and over the skin then cover the top with a layer of honey which makes it deliciously tender and juicy. But, because we are having lots of people over, we got a bigger turkey than usual which will most likely have to go in the oven. Husband recently ran into this awesome video of a Christmas Turkey with Gravy by Gordon Ramsey that we might try.

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Aside from food, I’m excited about some of the Black Friday deals because frankly, we’ve been waiting to get some items specifically to get the deals. And it’s not like 10% off kind of deals, but more like 50% and up! Check out for all preview ads now available.

How will you be celebrating this Thanksgiving?

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Recipe/Photo Source: BigOven

Video Source: Niall Delany Youtube

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