Christmas Gifts To Get This Black Friday

I’m loving this holiday season!

What’s better than going Black Friday shopping? Black Friday shopping with a purpose!

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Because while stores have some great deals on a lot of items, it’s hard not to get carried away and buying a whole bunch of stuff you will have no use or purpose for it, which ultimately results in a waste of money.

While there are many stores participating in Black Friday sales, there’s no doubt that ultimately Walmart and Target will have the better deals.

I compiled a list of gift ideas for the entire family! Included you will find details on cost** and where to get them. Many of these products are basically priced the same at both Walmart and Target with a $1-2 difference, which is great because I know some people would rather avoid Walmart since it’s the most popular of all stores for Black Friday.

Without further adieu, here is our Christmas Gift Guide for 2018 made up of Black Friday deals!

Also because I couldn’t help myself, I created a list of deals that are too good to pass up! (since you’ll be there anyway 😉 )

In addition, at Target for Black Friday only, get a 20% off coupon good for a future purchase when you spend $50 or more. For Saturday and Sunday only, save $25 when you spend $75 or more in the Christmas Wondershop!

I am so ready to shop, are you?! Which deals are you looking forward to? Let me know in the comments!

**All price have been rounded.

* Not the same brand.

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