Galentine’s Day Gift Guide

Galentine’s Day is the realest fake holiday there is!

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But seriously. 

Um, so a little background… Galentine’s Day has since 2010, been a known ‘holiday’, but it is not a real one. As a matter of fact, it was created by Leslie Knope. Now, if that name rings a bell you know from where and let me tell you, that’s how it originated. If you don’t know who Leslie Knope is, please refer to the show Parks and Recreation. Leslie is one of the main characters and she in fact made up Galentine’s Day. If you’d like to watch the specific episode, it is Season 2, Episode 16.

In case you aren’t entirely sure what it is, Galentine’s Day is the day before Valentine’s day in which ladies celebrate other ladies. Basically, it’s a day where you get to hang out with all your lady friends! You don’t even have to be single, any lady can celebrate Galentine’s Day!

So now that we’re all caught up, let’s talk gifts, shall we?

Galentine’s Day is all about having fun with your girlfriends, but that doesn’t mean that you can’t throw in a little gift as well! 

Check out some of the cute stuff I found:

Must Haves:

Things to wear:

Self Care:



Random Things:

I hope you found this gift guide helpful in finding cute things for your gal pals! AND, if you need gift ideas for your lady or your beau, and your kids, check out Valentine’s Day Bundle Gift Ideas For Her, Valentine’s Day Gift Ideas For Him and Valentine’s Day Gift Guide for Kids.

Will you be celebrating Galentine’s Day with your girlfriends? Has this been something you’ve done for years? Let me know in the comments below!

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