DIY: Simple Cushion Reupholstering

Changing decor and your cushions no longer match? Reupholster! Haha.

Reupholstering does not have to be hard or complicated. Unless you are trying to do a wingback chair, which I am not brave enough for that, but if you are, yay for you!

However, I did reupholster old dining room chairs way back when husband and I moved in together. It was so simple when I decided to reupholster an ottoman I knew it would be a piece of cake.

Here is what I used for reupholstering the ottoman cushion:

  • Fabric (measure to know how much is needed)
  • Heavy Duty Staple Gun
  • Heavy Duty Staples (make sure they’re the size the staple gun requires)
  • Scissors

First I removed the cushion off the frame. These type of cushions are usually just screwed on, so I screwed it off.

Secondly, I placed the fabric print facing down and placed the cushion right in the middle. There is no need to take off the old fabric as it’s not in the way nor does it change the result.

Next, I folded the long sides over and placed one staple in the middle of one side. Then made sure the fabric was pulled over tightly (but not too tight) and placed another staple in the middle of the other side to keep in place.

I then worked on stapling one of the long sides while making sure I wasn’t pulling too hard. When working on the other long side, I made sure that it was pulled tightly (again, not too tight) and stapled it secure.

Then I took the perpendicular sides and placed staples in the middle on both sides and placed one staple on either side of the middle staples, making it 3 staples on each side.

Before stapling the entire side, I worked on the corners. It’s a bit tricky, but once you get the first one done, the rest is easy peasy. I wanted it to look as smooth as possible so I tried not to make too many folds. I stapled along as I needed to keep the folds from unfolding as I thought they were positioned perfectly and kept going until the entire corner was secure.

After all the corners had been securely stapled, I finished stapling all around. I placed my staples close enough to each other that there was no sag on the fabric going tucked under. Might seem like a lot of staples, but better to be safe than having loose fabric.

Once I was done stapling, I cut the excess fabric off and the cushion looked like new!

To see the rest of this makeover, check out DIY: Glider Chair and Ottoman Makeover.

Have you reupholstered anything before? If so, was it as easy as this one? Let me know in the comments!

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