Things To Do on Mother’s Day!

Mother’s Day – The day in which you should spoil your mom. And, it just so happens that you can spoil her with love! — and maybe goodies.

Celebrating mother’s day should not break the bank, but if you choose to do so, awesome! That is one lucky mom!

Here you will find 6 things to do, and maybe give you some idea on how to celebrate the one person responsible for pushing you out into this world. (*giggles*) But, we know that moms are not only those who birth but those who raise us to be decent human beings!

Without further ado, check ‘em out!

1. Nature Exhibition. Such as a trip to the zoo, an aquarium, or a state park where you can do some grilling!

2. Museum. Whether it’s art, science, history, or fashion, take her to the one that is most likely to impress her based on her interests. Remember, this is her day!

3. Getaway Weekend. Take a family road trip to the closest touristy place. Spend the night, sight-see, and make lots of memories!

4. Local Festivities. Take her to a local festivity. Here in Phoenix, there will be many Mother’s Day brunches to choose from. Tip: Check the Events section on Facebook!

5. Family Breakfast or Breakfast in Bed. Bottom line is, someone else is cooking and not her!

6. Fancy Dinner. After spending a family day, dress up and take her to a fancy dinner! Let her unwind and relax by being her designated driver. Or, simply let her indulge in a dessert that she does not have to share with kids!

So, whether it is your mom, your kid’s mom, your nieces/nephews mom, be sure to make her feel loved!

Check out Mother’s Day: Gift Guide to get some ideas on what to give her!

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