Fountain Inn, SC:

Cedar Falls Park

Another gem in the South Carolina Upstate!

With Autumn coming next week, it means we can enjoy being outdoors a lot more often. Not only because of the temperatures cooling down, but also because all the mosquitos will be going back to hell! YAY-YUH!

We do love taking strolls and speed walking is my favorite! I’m not the most outdoorsy type of person, but when the weather is right, I just have to be outside, you know?

If you’re in the Upstate and are looking for a place to stroll or are simply looking for something to do outside, Cedar Falls Park is a great place to visit!

Cedar Falls Park has beautiful fields, walking trails and pretty cool views of the beautiful cascading river. It also has a sand volleyball court and a playground area for the kiddos! It truly is family friendly and great for making an entire day out of it as it also offers picnic areas.

We first visited shortly after we moved out here and we walked one of the shorter trails and saw people climbing the rocks down in the water stream. So, we walked away from the trail and walked across the water, simply enjoying the views and the cool water and sand on our feet.

BUT, I recently heard that the water is not good for soaking as it is highly polluted. YIKES! Wish we had done some kind of research before heading out there. Thankfully everything turned out fine and in our most recent visit, we found that one of the easier ways to go down to the water had been blocked. So now we know why.

Let’s just stick to enjoying the view without getting wet. It’s less exciting this way, but you can still have plenty of fun out on the trails and on the playground!

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  1. Lindsey Puls
    Lindsey Puls says:

    This looks so much fun! And how beautiful! Gosh, I’m hoping for the skeeters to head back to hell too. This summer has been awful for them!


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