DIY: Bay Window Curtain Rods

Our first home DIY project we tackled this year was curtain rods!

Our breakfast area has a bay window with a great view of the backyard. If you have a bay window, then you know that curtain rods to fit the awkward corners are expensive. I was definitely not ready to spend $45+ just for the rod!

So I naturally took to Pinterest to search for some inspo! After all, how hard could it be to make a bay window curtain rod? The answer is, not at all.

I chose this pin for my inspiration, which was originally posted by 7Layer Studio.

Not only did we decide to DIY our bay window, but also all the windows in the adjacent living room so that they would match in appearance.

Everything was purchased at Home Depot with the exception of the curtain rod brackets. Husband got a 3D printer for Christmas, so we found this curtain rod bracket template from Thingiverse and printed in batches of 4! We only spent about $23, including average price of the plastic used for printing! Keep in mind that the amount was for the bay window and another 4 separate windows, so if you’re simply doing a bay window, it’ll be much cheaper!

For the Bay Window we used the following:

1 – 10ft ¾ in PVC Pipe

2 – 45 degree ¾ PVC Elbows

2 – ¾ PVC Caps

4 – 3D Printed Brackets

1 – Rust-Oleum Black Semi-Gloss Spray Paint

1 – Heavy Duty PVC Cement

Here are the steps we took:

Step 1 – Measure each section of the bay window (done before shopping to get enough PVC pipe. Also, do not measure across, that will give you an inaccurate number)

Step 2 – Print brackets

Step 3 – Cut PVC pipes to measurements

Step 4 – Glue PVC Pieces together

Step 5 – Wait for the glue to dry

Step 6 – Spray paint everything!

Step 7 – Wait for paint to dry

Step 8 – Install brackets

Step 9 – Hang curtains!

We purchased these curtains from Ikea. They are 55” x 98” and they look great!

We just love the way these turned out and can’t wait to get started on more home projects!

Do you like to DIY home projects? If so, what are your favorites?

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  1. Margaret Westhoff
    Margaret Westhoff says:

    Your DIY Curtain rods look great! We have a bay window that doesn’t have any curtains or blinds because I couldn’t find anything I liked. Think I’ll have to show my husband your DIY to see if we can do something similar on our window. Thanks for the inspiration!

  2. Glenda Jo Martin
    Glenda Jo Martin says:

    I loved the inspiration of your stunning bay windows. I have always wanted gorgeous treatments on bay windows but didn’t know where to find the perfect rods.


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