Pregnancy Differences & Gender Reveal

Time is flying!

Since we found out we were expecting, for some reason we were about 60% sure that it was a girl. The pregnancy started off so different and we just thought it would be cool to have the ‘pair’. When I talked about finding out we were expecting #2, I mentioned the differences noticed during the first trimester. Now that the second trimester is coming to an end, I’ve noticed how this pregnancy is definitely different from the first one.

Here are some of the most pronounced differences:

Baby CJ (first pregnancy) Current Pregnancy
Nausea & Vomiting Subsided – End of 2nd Trimester Beginning of 2nd Trimester
Eating Schedule – 3 Meals & 3 Snacks (Every 2 Hours) 2 – 3 Meals & 1 – 2 Snacks (later wake up time)
Chicken Hatred – Ended after delivery I can stomach certain styles (i.e.,wings)
Sleeping Troubles – Frequent urination Extra uncomfortable sore left side sleeping & insomnia
Dr. Visits – Every 2-3 weeks w/ultrasound Every 4 weeks (only 2 ultrasounds since start)

So after 20-plus weeks of waiting, our time came! We finally found out the gender of baby #2. It took a minute, but the ultrasound technician said it was a BOY! How about that! After getting the measurements needed, she again checked and assured that it was a baby boy.

We are so excited! However, because we thought we knew better, we only came up with a girl name and now that we know it’s not, we have to get our thinking gears going on full speed since we’re already more than halfway there and will soon meet our second son!

Having to take care of a toddler definitely does make pregnancy more exhausting, but as exhausted as I am, I’m equally excited for the moment when baby CJ finally meets little #2.

We’re happy baby CJ will have a sibling to play with and have our little family grow from 3 to 4!

Stay tuned for part 2!

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