DIY: Wall Mounted Bathroom Sign

DIY decor is my favorite!

So while browsing Pinterest I ran into a pin that caught my eye. It was a hanging bathroom sign and I thought it was just the cutest thing ever!

Quick rant; I read a comment somewhere, I don’t remember where but it is not on that pin, about how stupid it was and they just completely hated the idea of this sign and continued with something along the lines of, “..why would you need a sign, don’t you know where your bathroom is…” And sure, I could say, “why do you have so many photos on display, don’t you know what you and your family look like..?” *eyeroll so hard I can see the back of my head* See how dumb that sounds? Because it can be said about any decor. Anyway, now that we’ve cleared that up, let’s carry on.

I went on to the internets and searched for planter hooks to see how affordable this DIY could be. Just FYI, if you want a fancy looking one, it is going to cost you a pretty penny. Luckily, I also decided to search inside the Facebook Marketplace and I held out and waited to find the perfect one. It took some time to find, but one day somebody posted one that I loved and it was super cheap! I purchased a pair of iron plant hangers for $10! (I have yet to decide how to use the other one.)

Next, I went to Walmart in search of a ‘plaque’ to make the sign. I found one for about a $1, but it didn’t work out for me. Long story short, I had a terrible experience with the stencil I acquired for the lettering in which I ended up making a huge mess. I tried to stencil with a sharpie and that smeared because I did not wait for it to dry, so I had to repaint the whole piece. Then, I tried with paint and the paint just leaked through the back so there goes another layer of paint. In the end, I figured I would stencil with pencil and go over with a marker, which didn’t work out because the stencil smeared the old paint onto the THICK WHITE CANVAS I had created from all the spray paint, which is what made it globby and it was just a disaster.  I was not about to do another paint layer so and decided to move on. Instead, I used an old 5×7 picture frame I had sitting in a box. I took the glass off of another 5×7 frame to use as backing.

Here’s the complete list of things I used:

  • Iron Planter Hanger
  • 5×7 Picture Frame
  • Glass from another 5×7 Picture Frame
  • Loose Leaf Binder Ring
  • Plain White Printer Paper
  • Printer
  • Black Cardstock Paper
  • Black Semi-Gloss Spray Paint
  • Eye Screw Hook
  • Drill
  • Screws

Although I ran into some hiccups with the stenciling, after making changes, this alternative was super easy to make. Simply following these steps:

Step 1: Take off backing and glass from the frame and spray paint one side of the picture frame first. Let dry.

Step 2: While frame dries, spray paint binder ring and eye screw hook. Let dry. *I didn’t know which I would like better so I painted one large and one small binder ring.

Step 3: Spray paint the other side of the picture frame. Let dry again.

Step 4: Create a 5×7 sign in Canva. Make sure you include a border measured for your sign so you know where to cut! You can use my template if you’d like!

Step 5: Print 2 copies of the sign that was just created in Canva.

Step 6: Cut out signs to size along the printed border.

Step 7: Cut 2 extra 5×7 plain white pieces of paper and 1 5×7 black cardstock piece.

Step 8: Place printed paper signs back to back.

Step 9: Place the extra plain pieces of paper between the paper signs and place the black cardstock in the middle of all the paper. So it should be: sign, plain, cardstock, plain, sign.

Step 10: Screw in the eye screw hook into the middle of the top of the frame. Some paint may chip, but it’s not very noticeable once it’s hanging.

Step 11: Place your binder ring through the eye screw hook.

Step 12: Place one glass on the frame.

Step 13: Place your layered paper on the glass already in the frame. Note where the hook is, is right side up.


Step 14: Place the second glass on top of the layered paper.

Step 15: Secure glasses on to the frame.


Step 16: Place and secure your planter hanger on the wall.

Step 17: Hang sign!

How cute does this look?!

Front View:

Back View:

I had looked online to buy one that was ready to go, but the ones I found ranged from $20+, depending on quality. This DIY cost me about $7 because I already had the majority of the stuff needed! Plus I have leftovers for other projects so win-win!

What are your thoughts on this type of decor? Let me know in the comments below!

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