14 Things to do on Valentine’s Day

The big V-Day is coming up fast! And by V-Day, I mean Valentine’s Day of course!

Here are 14 fun ideas to do this Valentine’s Day with and without kids!

1. Fancy Romantic Dinner

Sometimes when you’re a parent, you don’t often go on expensive fancy dinners but this is a great opportunity to get a babysitter and have a couple hours of indulgence with your favorite person!

*If you live in the Phoenix area, we recommend going to T.Cooks located in Scottsdale! (reservation required)

2. Movie Night

This is mine and husband’s go-to favorite activity, but I do know that not everyone likes being at the movies every weekend, which is why this is a great thing to do on special occasions with or without kids!

*Here are some suggestions for watching on Valentine’s weekend:

Fifty Shades Darker

John Wick: Chapter 2

Source: Fandango MovieClips Trailers

The Lego Batman Movie

Source: Fandango MovieClips Trailers

3. Comedy Show

Because who doesn’t love to laugh!

*For my fellow Phoenicians, go here for a list of comedy events.

4. Ballet

For my birthday, husband took us to see The Nutcracker ballet back in December, and it was a different experience that I highly recommend.

*If you haven’t been to the ballet in Phoenix, you can catch Romeo and Juliet at the Symphony Hall February 9-12.

5. Concert

Concerts are lots of fun and it’s even better when you share the same taste in music with your beau. If nothing of interest is playing near your area for Valentine’s Day, you can always take a rain check and plan for a future show (it’ll still be a nice gesture!).

*Check out Phoenix New Times’ concert list to see what’s coming up in the Phoenix area.

6. Romantic Walk

Sometimes it’s just nice to take a walk to unwind and relax and what better way than with your hunny?! From going to a local park, hiking trails, an indoor or outdoor exhibition, or even a stroll at the mall make great walking ground for spending time, chatting with a loved one.

*Here are some walking ground ideas if you’re in the Phoenix area:

Desert Botanical Gardens, Hole in the Rock at Papago Park, South Mountain Park, Phoenix Art Museum, Tempe Beach Park, Scottsdale Fashion Square Mall.

Tempe Beach Park – Source: DowntownTempe.com

7. Wine Tasting

Wine and Valentine’s Day are pretty much the same thing and if this is something that sparks a twinkle in your eye, there is a ton of deals on Groupon!

*Here’s a Groupon search results link for my Phoenix peeps.

8. Road Trip

Taking a road trip can be lots of fun when you’re traveling close to home. Traveling a couple hours in any direction can make all the difference (especially in weather).

*If you live in Arizona, you know traveling 2 hours north from Phoenix to Flagstaff means you’ll be seeing snow!

9. Family Night In

Not having a babysitter on Valentine’s Day doesn’t mean you can’t celebrate. After all, Valentine’s Day is about spending time with those you love, and what better heartwarming way to do so, than by spending time your little family! You can make it a game or movie night. Most households, nowadays, are subscribed to Netflix or Hulu, which means hundreds of movie options. Pair it with popcorn and a pizza, and you’re set for a night of fun!

*If you use TMobile Tuesdays, you know that they often gift free rentals from FandangoNow, and guess what day Valentine’s Day falls on?!

10. Plan a Getaway

While some getaways might require months of planning in advance, some can be done in your hometown! How? Plan a stay at a hotel or resort and enjoy some time by the pool while sipping on margaritas! Another way to get away is to drive to a nearby town and explore.

*If you live in Phoenix, a trip to Las Vegas could be the perfect weekend getaway!

11. Cook Dinner Together

I was lucky to find someone who loves cooking and I get to spend the rest of my life with him! Cooking together is a great way to spend quality time. This can be done every day if you want, but for Valentine’s Day, try concocting an entire 3-course meal from scratch!

*Tip: Husband and I love trying recipes from Pinterest. We also often turn to the Dinner Spinner App for ideas.

12. Night Club

Because there is nothing wrong with wanting to party once a year!

*Make sure if you drink, don’t drive! Take a Lyft or a cab.

13. Couples Massage

Like the aforementioned wine tasting deals, Groupon has many couples massage deals as well!

*Although most will probably be booked on Valentine’s Day, because it is one of the most popular go-tos, a massage gift is always welcomed even if you have to schedule after the holiday.

14. Watch Your Wedding Video

If you’re anything like us, you probably watched your wedding video as soon as you got it back from your videographer. But, if you’ve been married more than a year, you probably haven’t watched it since. Break it out and watch it with your husband while having commentary about what your thoughts were at that moment.

*Alternative if you’re not married: Create a video of what you’ve accomplished in your love life the past year and what you hope to accomplish by next Valentine’s Day.

Bonus: Hot Air Balloon Ride

If you want to be flashy this Valentine’s Day, take your date on a Hot Air Balloon ride!

For date-night outfit ideas check out Valentine’s Day Outfit Ideas!

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