Simpsonville, SC:

Simpsonville City Park

We are loving this South Carolina Spring weather!

Now that winter is gone, we are done hibernating! Haha. We’ve been looking forward to warmer temperatures to go out and explore what our newish home has to offer.

Our first outdoor venture took us to Simpsonville City Park which is conveniently located in downtown Simpsonville.

We spent all our time in the playground section, but they also offer basketball courts, plenty of picnic areas and walking paths.

The playground offers 2 playsets for kids 2-12 years of age– one is huge and seems newer with lots of slides and the other one is smaller and seems older.

There is a sensory section where kids enjoy different activities such as creating noise like bell chimes and drums. There is also a section with mirrors and windows, which was baby CJs favorite.

The most distinctive feature of this park is the zip line. I hear it’s fairly new and all the kids seem to really love it. So much in fact, that there was a long line the entire time we were there. Baby CJ is still too small to ride it, but I know he will love it once he tries it!

We will definitely be going back, but will try to be there when it’s not as busy!

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