6 Super Easy Mother’s Day DIY for Kids

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So it’s almost Mother’s Day and I was thinking about all the great DIYs that are out there for kids to make for their mommy’s this upcoming holiday and how some are easy, yet totally cute!  

Now, if you’re here you’re looking for easy DIYs for your kids to make as gifts for mommy, am I right? And you’re probably looking for the ones that are super easy so your kids need as little help as possible making them. Yeah, don’t lie. I’ve searched for this in the past too. It’s ok, it’s just you and this post. Your secret is safe. 😉  

Now that you’re being honest, we can get down to business! 

(And if you’re not a parent, you’re still here for the same reasons…mmhmm, I see you! And to clarify, I’m not shaming you. I’m saying I’ve been there and I know how overwhelming finding the right stuff is.)

I scoured Pinterest and I’ve narrowed your options from hundreds to only 6, yay! And they’re things I personally wouldn’t mind getting, so you’re in good hands.

So let’s take a look at these 6 super easy Mother’s Day DIYs for kids to make and for you to supervise. 😉

These not only caught my eye because of how cute they are but because the material lists are literally a handful (or less).

6. DIY I ❤️ U Pop-Up Card by Little Conquest

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Free Template with Instructions

So there ya go! 

Hope you make at least one of these because they are definitely cute and super easy to make! 😄 

Which DIY was your favorite? Will you be making any of these super easy DIYs? Let me know in the comments below!

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    Mia says:

    This looks interesting! Will also try to do some of this activities during my class in https://georgia.edu.ph/. I especially like the string art. Looks really nice and i think my students will enjoy doing this activity. Thank you so much for sharing!


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