Baby Gadgets!

Here are some baby gadgets that we got and use and why you should get them too!

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As you may or may not know, I’ve only been pregnant once.  I know for a fact, we all have at least one person in our lives, whether it be family or not, that always has some sort of advice related to the before mentioned.

I had all kinds of advice, some good and some not so great, but they were all clearly heard. I had an idea of what to expect, and what I wanted to try and forgo.

Something that I heard a lot was about baby gadgets. You know such as, “you don’t need a diaper genie!”…

Well, here’s our list of acquired gadgets and why we love them–

Diaper Genie – Totally worth it! Not only do I not have to take out diapers daily, there is no smell. A lot of people actually told me I didn’t need it. I might not have absolutely needed to have it, but I also don’t have to run out every time I change a diaper to throw it outside or have a smelly room because of a cheap regular trash can. Not to mention, we use it all day, every day so it is not a waste at all. If you don’t mind either one of those, then you’ll probably be fine without it.

Bottle Warmer – Waiting for a bottle to warm up under running hot water in the middle of the night is not fun (or convenient). We use this all day, every day and it was totally worth the money. Don’t get misled by reviews about the bottle getting too hot because there are a lot of stupid people out there. If you follow the instructions as they are, you will be fine. If for some reason it is not, adjust. If you are touching the bottle and it is hot, don’t give it to the baby. Run it under cold water for a few seconds and it will cool down. I seriously don’t understand some of the things people say on the reviews– “bottle was too hot and burned my baby.”– I’m paraphrasing here, but still, who does that? If you know the bottle is hot, why would you give it to the baby… (??)

Wipe Warmer – Before we bought the warmer, baby would cry every time we changed his diaper. The reviews for these are pretty good but there are the few that’ll tell you they’re too hot. If you cram them up to the tippy top or force a load to close, they will be hot because it is touching the heat source directly and being pressed against it for a given period of time. This item might be a luxury in a sense, but it’s relatively cheap, so why not!

Babble Band – This awesome monitor lets you keep an ear on the little one. It is a one-way wearable monitor that is convenient when in-house. We use it when baby CJ is sleeping in the room so we know when he’s awake. We set the base about 6 feet away from the crib and we can clearly hear when he starts moving. It is most valuable when working in the living room or when on a cleaning rampage. We don’t have to guess if he’s awake or keep walking into the room checking on little noises we think we hear through the walls.

Electric Breast Pump – If you plan on breastfeeding, this will be the best thing ever. I heard stories about back in the day when people had to pump manually. That is not a way to live. Have you ever tried doing something strenuously repeatedly for 30 minutes? Well imagine that hand pain, and having to pick up a baby. Not to mention the ability to multitask. I sometimes feed baby CJ or update the blog while I’m pumping. I know they are not cheap, but they are worth the money. Especially if your insurance covers it! You can easily check with your insurance directly or through Medela.

Changing Pad – Not a gadget per say, but… Did you know babies, when they’re tiny, they are prone to peeing and pooping at any given time when they’re already getting a diaper change? Let me be more specific– Babies, when they’re tiny, they are prone to peeing and pooping at any given time when their diaper is off during a diaper change. Yup this happened to both my husband and I. More than once. And we’re glad it was on the changing pad and not our bed. It is also convenient when you set it to the desired height. Another good reason, is for when their diaper explodes and you have poop coming out from the leg holes or up their back (how? I don’t know). Yeah… It’s not pretty, but it gets contained on a washable/wipeable area. You don’t need a special changing table to keep one of these available at all times. Simply use an accessible dresser as a table top.

One thing to remember. Please. Whether it be a specialized changing table or your dresser, a baby must NEVER be left unsupervised. Ever. Always keep one hand on them, even if you’re standing right in front of them. Babies are talented in that way, that they’ll just roll over when you least expect it. Even if they’re ‘strapped’. Nope. Never.

Shopping Tip: When you do a baby registry through Target, you will get 15% discounts about a month or two before your due date.  Also, when you register through Amazon, you will get a baby box with the firsr $10 purchase from your list and will also get a dicount code,  so wait to shop for last minute missing stuff!

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