New Year’s Resolutions

2020 Edition

WELP, there goes another year!

2019 flew by and I didn’t get anything done.

In December 2018, I wrote about how blogging had burned me out and I actually decided to take a break for a while to recharge and get things in order. Except, I blinked at some point along the way and the year was over.

So how did my sabbatical year go? 

Although I did some recharging, unfortunately, I got nothing in order in 2019. It all went down when I decided to stop writing altogether. Sure I did a couple of posts in the year, but it wasn’t enough to get me motivated or excited about jumping back into blogging or getting any blogging thoughts in order. I started planning for a rebranding of the entire blog at the beginning of 2019. However, it slowly started to fade away as the days passed and having no idea in which direction I wanted to go, I completely forgot all about it. The newsletter kept going, though I think the last one I sent out was in August. Even my Instagram stood kind of still throughout the year. 🙁 

Fast forward to last month, when I realized that the year was almost over and I had absolutely nothing done. No rebranding material, no post planning, no paid work lined up, no social media content, NOTHING. Not even the will to think about if I wanted to blog in 2020.

January came. New year, new me, right? Meh. Not really.

I then had a realization Friday morning.

I think the reason why I was so unmotivated and unwilling to do any blog related things was because I had gone so long without blogging. Is that weird, or what!?

Sure, I was burned out by the end of 2018, but I think taking a month or two off would have sufficed. UH, if only I could turn back time, ha-ha.

Once this realization washed over me, ideas for posts started popping up in my head. In 15 minutes, I had written down 65 blog post titles! 65! An hour after that I had mapped them into my calendar. WOOH!

And, of course, the first post HAS to be about resolutions. Hehe. 

So, New Year’s Resolutions, here we GO!

New year, new me, right?

You’re damn right! Haha. I plan to make 2020 my b****

I have four resolutions, and they are every bit ambitious as they are doable!

Every year thousands, if not millions, of people, have one resolution in common; to lose weight. It’s me, I’m people. 

And even if I don’t achieve it, I don’t mind. Mostly because I forget. Hahahaha. But, there was a specific day in 2019 when I realized my wedding ring was too tight. I took it off and after huffing and puffing, and slathering soap on my finger for a couple of minutes, I got it back on. (insert hysterical cry) And then, I had to take it off indefinitely because it was retaining too much moisture and my finger was breaking out, and it just was no bueno. So what did I do about it? Nothing. I mean I wanted to, but I’m one of those people who love to eat whatever with little will power to restrain. Over time, I have lost the ability to do it without gaining weight, hence the hysterical cry because my ring had never been so tight before. But this year, I am determined to do something about it and getting the results I want!

My second resolution is to wake up earlier. This one has yet to be achieved since the year started, but I am hopeful that slowly, but surely, I will get to the point where I won’t need an alarm! 

My third resolution is one that Husband and I will share as a family, which is to travel more. We’re closing in on being completely paid off on our credit cards, that we decided that 2020 is going to be the year we travel more. We sacrificed a big chunk of last year for us to be able to get to where we are now and where we’ll be in a few months. I think I might even make a post about it when it’s all said and done. Who knows, maybe it’ll help you if you’re in a similar situation too!

Last, but not least, I want to want to keep up with Little Conquest, and everything that comes with it. I believe, by achieving my second resolution, it will give me more time to work on posting more content consistently both on the blog and on social media. I guess it’ll be more of a routine at that point.

Anyway, that’s it. 🙂

Let’s go, roaring 20s! Hahahahha. I don’t know what that means. I’ve just been wanting to say it. lol

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Have you set or started working on a resolution? Or have you already achieved it? (you overachiever, you!) Let me know in the comments below!

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