– January 2017 –

Top Coloring Pages

Meet the person behind Top Coloring Pages and what that’s all about!

  1. Firstly, please tell us about yourself!

My name is Kris and I am from Poland. The country that has nothing to do with polar bears, as many believe. But on the other hand, few people know, that we do quite successful computer games like e.g Witcher. Privately, I am a happy husband and father of a little boy named Antoni. I work in E-commerce industry helping entrepreneurs who want to run and expand their businesses on the internet.

  1. What is Top Coloring Pages all about?

On the birth of my son, I decided to create a website with free coloring pages, topcoloringpages.net. The concept was to give free and wide access to coloring pages for everybody. The main target audience is, naturally children, but adults are also welcome. All pictures are ready to be downloaded or printed without any payments, subscriptions etc. Absolutely for free! And what makes Top Coloring Pages special excepting that? For example, two interesting categories: “Educational” and “Famous”. Educational coloring pages help children to learn basics of foreign languages and develop several different manual and intellectual abilities. Famous coloring pages contain pictures with celebrities such as actors, singers, and athletes. Exclusive pictures impossible to find in any other place.

  1. What inspired you to start Top Coloring Pages?

The inspiration to create Topcoloringpages.net was the birth of my son. It may sound a little silly but I was full of new energy and I knew that I should do something good with it. Something that helps other people, especially the weakest of us all, and make this world a better place, at least a bit. And so, the idea of a website with free coloring pages for children just pumped into my head. Later on, I added the coloring pages for adults.

  1. Can the coloring pages be custom-made to order?

In general no. But sometimes I do it for my friends and other people on special request. Creation of a custom-made coloring page is very time consuming and time is a very limited resource for the father of a small child. 🙂 But maybe in the future, custom made coloring pages will be available to every visitor of Topcoloringpages.net. Never say never!

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— Note from Top Coloring Pages’ Kris!

If you have any ideas on how Top Coloring Pages could be better, please let me know via our contact form or our Facebook page.

It is a beautiful thing to exchange good thoughts and make things better and better.

Fun Fact: My name is actually Krzysztof, but there is 0% chance that any foreigner can pronounce it correctly, so just call me Kris! 🙂

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