– November 2017 –

BirdRock Baby

Meet the founders behind Bird Rock Baby and what that’s all about!

  1. Firstly, please tell us about yourself!

BirdRock Baby was started by two families in early 2016. We’re located in San Diego, California and can be found online at https://birdrockbaby.com/.

  1. What is BirdRock Baby all about?

We create high quality, affordably priced baby products loved by parents and children. We’re committed to treating our customers like our family and delivering a personal, five-star experience to every parent who shops with BirdRock Baby.

  1. What inspired you to start BirdRock Baby?

We started BirdRock Baby to solve a problem we experienced firsthand: the lack of high quality, affordably priced baby shoes. Little ones outgrow shoes so quickly that it’s not practical for most families to spend $60/pair on a high quality of shoes. The existing low-cost pairs on the market were of such poor construction that they didn’t last long. We’ve worked incredibly hard to bring baby shoes to life that parents can actually afford, without compromising on quality or style.

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  1. Can any of your products be custom made to order?

While we don’t do individual custom orders, we absolutely love to hear from our customers. Many of our styles have been inspired by customer requests and we do our best to accommodate everyone in the BirdRock Baby family.

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