The Apparition was… different.

It’s not just your typical haunting, shit moving on its own kind of story.

That’s what I liked the most. I love horror movies, I love being nervous afterward. The type of nervousness that makes you be extra careful when walking into a room at night. That’s my cup of tea.

This movie was great. I love the story line, and how everything developed afterward. I loved the idea of imagining a demon and believing enough to make it real. I don’t think there’s another movie out there with the same concept.

There were moments that made me jump. There were things that made me think throughout the movie. There was also the suspense that lasted throughout the entire time.

This movie in my opinion, is very original and I give it a thumbs up! 

It’s a must-see suspenseful, keep you on your toes and get your heartbeat racing movie I recommend you see!

Source: Fandango Movieclips Coming Soon

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