I do want to clarify first of all, that I wasn’t expecting too much from this movie, although I do love Rob Zombie, but there just wasn’t enough in the previews to get me excited.

With that being said, this movie had a great storyline. The thing is, in my opinion, it could have been more developed graphics wise.

I love House Of A Thousand Corpses with its bearly there graphics and special effects and all, but this one could have certainly done better.

Though it was kind of cheesy because of these reasons, overall it wasn’t that bad. I really dig the story Rob was trying to get across and I liked it a lot, it just didn’t pop to me because of the previously mentioned.

This movie is a definite must-see, BUT as rental material. Thumbs up for the story, thumbs down for the special effects. 

Then again, its more of an individual judgment call for everyone.

Source: Fandango Movieclips Trailers

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