The man with the iron fists….

Hmmm… It was… Ummm… Interesting.

The story line was all over the place. I guess in the end it came together, but boy was it painful getting there.

I like the cast… When they’re in different movies, playing different roles.

This movie did no justice for them.

If you like cheesy ninja-karate-so-fake-in-your-face-but-you-love-it-so-much-you-want-to-be-like-them-and-wear-their-skin-for-your-birthday, then go for it, I recommend it 100%!

Otherwise, if you’re curious about it, wait until it comes out on DVD. And don’t buy it either! Rent it! Then, if you like it, still don’t buy it.


This is a so-so movie. Passes the time. Thumbs down for my taste. 

Source: Fandango Movieclips Trailers

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