I think…

…a lot of the bad reviews for this movie are a result of bad advertising. For instance, in my personal experience and thought process on what I thought the movie would be, was totally different than that of what the movie actually portrays.

I expected horror (as many others, I assume), and instead got something totally different. Yeah, it has suspense sequences here and there, but it is not enough to suggest horror. The only horror is that one day, it could actually be.

So here’s the verdict: It was an outstanding movie. I loved the storyline and the cast. In my opinion, the storyline was the best part. It was different and uniquely displayed. It has a very interesting idea and creative imagination of what the future might be like.

I give it a thumbs up and definitely, a must see! 

(especially now that you would be expecting something different and closer to home)

Source: Fandango Movieclips Trailers

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