– February 2017 –

Lexie & Me

Meet the power momma behind Lexie & Me and what that’s all about!

  1. Firstly, please tell us about yourself!

My name is Maggie and I’m originally from the province of Quebec. I joined the Royal Canadian Navy as a Sonar Operator and have been living in British Columbia for the past 6 years. I met my husband in the Navy and we now have 2 amazing daughters. I opened up my small business, lexieandme.com, in December 2016.

  1. What is Lexie & Me all about?

Lexie & Me is an online baby boutique offering high-quality items from all over the world. The product listings are carefully curated to reflect the current trends. The vast majority of our items are fair trade and handmade by small businesses. Our target audience is located in Canada and the United States. They are parents of children aged 0-5 years old, expecting parents or friends and family.

  1. What inspired you to start Lexie & Me?

During my pregnancies, I loved browsing and discovering new products from retailers around the world. I found myself frustrated when products were unavailable in my area, or too pricey because of customs. I decided to open my own boutique and provide a space where parents could find all the products I loved and easily purchase them. My principal goal is to eventually be able to quit the Navy and spend more time home with my family.

  1. Can any of your products be custom-made to order?


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— Note from Maggie at Lexie & Me!

I am hoping with all my heart that my business can take off, as it would afford me the luxury of being able to spend less time deployed away from my husband and young daughters.

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KarlaWife and mother to a baby boy and 2 kitties! Enjoys life and adventures. Loves writing, Pinteresting, and pumpkin spice everything!
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