– June 2017 –


Meet the creatives behind Freearth and what that’s all about!

  1. Firstly, please tell us about yourself!

Freearth is run by 3 people: a mum, daughter, and son. The one talking is the daughter! As we love nicknames, you can call me Happy Sunflower. I am a student at University. However, I am going to talk about my mum because she is the one who actually deserves to appear in here. Her nickname is Violet Rain. She is actually the basis of Freearth. Firstly, it’s obvious that we wouldn’t exist without her. But mostly, we wouldn’t love creating as much as we do if it wasn’t because of the education we’ve received. My mummy is an artist. She paints amazingly. Besides, she is super creative and everything she creates ends up being much better than what we could even imagine (I am not exaggerating). She has created some of the Freearth designs, which you can check out at etsy.com/shop/freearth 🙂 .

  1. What is Freearth all about?

Freearth is an independent t-shirt brand and online shop established in 2012, in Malaga (Spain). We create t-shirts that have a message on them and others are hand-painted. One of the most important things we want to point out is that our clothes are made for ALL kinds of people. We believe diversity is a very precious quality the Universe has!

  1.  What inspired you to start Freearth?

Back in 2012, we decided to create a brand because the clothes we would find in shops didn’t define us and we didn’t feel comfortable when wearing them. Sames shops, same styles, same messages. We were really excited to make something different. We also wanted people to be able to wear them, so that’s when our shop was born.

We wanted our brand to spread a message we would feel identified with. We decided to call our brand “Freearth” because it stands for “Free Earth” and “Free Art”. It summed up the message we wanted to spread around the world, in which we believe: a free, peaceful, equal, joyful Earth.

  1. Can any of your products be custom made to order?

Currently, we don’t make any personalized products. We hope to be able to add that option shortly in our Etsy shop. However, we are always open to chats with our customers and friends, so they can ask us anything they would like to see or they need. If it is in our possibilities, we will always love to custom-made it!

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— Note from Freearth’s Happy Sunflower!

We have lots of dreams to get come true. We would love to go 100% organic and fairtrade so that people who make our clothes, and the Earth which sustains us are treated the way they deserve. Currently, we are selling the t-shirts we have left from our past collections so that we can make enough money to invest in our dream shop!
Also, I want to send a support and love message to all the mums reading this. You are so amazing. You make us your children so proud of your hard work. Keep going with all your amazing projects. Love to all the small business and freelancers community ♥.

KarlaWife and mother to a baby boy and 2 kitties! Enjoys life and adventures. Loves writing, Pinteresting, and pumpkin spice everything!
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